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VSPlayer is a Windows application program designed for the LED video wall. The main function of VSPlayer is a media program editor/manager and a media player. It supports almost all media file formats that can be displayed in the Windows environment. With the DirectX technology, the software can display media smoothly and avoid flicker phenomena.

VSPlayer has powerful editing functions such as the following:

Good graphical operation interface, what you see what you get   Support multifold disk files: text file, Word file, graphic file, media file, RealPlayer file, VCD/DVD file(*.DAT; *.VOB).
Available for displaying database file   Can display and edit single-line text file
Support user-defined language to display time   Easy preview function and view your editing effect at any time
Strong table file editing functions   Timing switch off computer
Can display extra importing files such as temperature, humidity, volume, brightness or extra text, and edit the  display format freely   Available for displaying sport match information. According to different requirements, user can define display interface and control terminal of the sport information.
Available for playing VCD/DVD files from peripheral VCD/DVD player   Available for playing peripheral Video, such as video capture card, camera, video camera and etc.
User-defined clock display format (time and date), and can edit the display format freely   Available for remote control with a control terminal (computer) and a play terminal (computer)
Display information of editing scroll bar conveniently   User-defined decounter format - decrease counter, counting down.
Easy instant play function   Strong timing play function
Powerful display methods:
     1) 22 display methods
     2) 9 move speeds
     3) Set pause time freely
   Control terminal functions
   1) Control the play, pause, and instant play
    2) Send the play list file to play terminal
    3) Read the playing content on play terminal.
    4) Monitor the playing content on play terminal

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