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Sunitron Inc. was incorporated in the early nineteen eighties by the President and founder Jerry Pappa, after several years of research and development into the computerized, electronic LED message signs for the world market.  

In our research we were looking for a product that was the latest in design and technology, superior to anything available.  Ergonomically designed, energy efficient, modular, and versatile in format (thus allowing for future expansion as a company grows just by adding module as required at lower cost) and adaptable to video imaging and computer software compatible for better message management and easy to use (user-friendly). 

Our signs are designed and manufactured to our specifications by North American manufacturers and those around the globe who are capable of producing LED display products employing state of the art technology that we meticulously demand and specify. 

Our goal is to supply clients with end to end solutions, the best available product, custom designed to fit their needs, coupled with our famous service technical support and warranty commitment. 

Sunitron Inc. today is one of North American leading distributors of electronic moving LED message and computerized signs with a network of dedicated dealers and technical staff worldwide. 

We are as proud to be at your service just as our clients are proud to have been associated with our growing organization.



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