MT - 31mm

MS - 25mm

MS - 22mm

MS - 20mm

MS - 16mm

MS - 14mm

MS - 12mm


Model  MegaTron-325 / 1

Standard 31.25 mm Pitch 9" character.

Full matrix display

Indoor / Outdoor Applications

Superbright daylight visibility

Pixel resolution: 104x7

Multistage light sensor (power saver)

LED's x Pixel:  6

Number of LEDs: 4368 LEDs

Number of Lines: 1

Max. Power consumption: 236 Watts

Characters x Line: 17 (@7x5 Font)

Viewing angle: 90

Cabinet Dimension: 134 x 16 x 6

Display Area: 128 x 9

Character Height (Small): 9

Character Height (Large): 9


Technical Specifications MegaTron Series Outdoor Display

Description Module:

251mm x 127mm Approx.(9 7/8x5) Double sided Treated PCB outdoor use.

No. LEDs x Pixel:

Six Superbright Red or Amber Diodes (LEDs) .

Pixel Diameter:

Center  to center spacing: (Pitch) 31.25mm - 3/4 O.C.

Viewing angle:

90 degrees.

Controller CPU:

Static bias driver  (direct drive) for more efficient power distribution.


1000 mcd per @ LED.

Power consumption:

0.324 watts per pixel maximum high power efficiency.

Estimated lifetime:

LED manufacturer estimates diode life expectancy at 100,000 hours at 30 C Sunitron Inc. will warranty diodes for our standard warranty policy period 1year.


Steel cabinet black plastic coated with 12.7 mm louvers front face.

Cooling System:

Internal Automatic on /off  by force air  (fans).

Display matrix:

8 x 4 per modules of 6 LEDs per pixel Modules are designed to be snapped in and out for quick service.


Time, Date and Temperature.


PC to Sign

Via hardwire (RS232 or RS422) up to 4000 ft.
Modems requires telephone line on site
Wire-less communication.
Operable in TCP/IC for Netware Connectivity

Automatic Dimmer:

Automatic Light Dimmer (Multi-stage light Power Saver sensor) and life to display.

Standard Warranty:

3-years service depot warranty on all parts and labour, including on line direct support toll free # 1-877-630-8811.

Technical Support:

10 year  technical support for software upgrading when available .

Operation Software:

To run under Microsoft Windows environment.

Power requirement:

110/120Vac service, internal switch powers supply .13  Vdc.
With automatic circuit for over voltage protection shot-/off.

Electrical cable:

To be determinate by electrical contractor according to CSA standard.


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