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Two Lines

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BetaBrite Director


  • Restaurants and bars
  • Employee communications
  • Hospitality
  • Retail advertising
  • Help Desks
  • Medical paging


  • Schools
  • Safety awareness
  • Banks
  • Movie theaters
  • Transportation
  • Lottery


Case Dimensions:  22.50"L x 3.12"D x 27"H
Number of lines: 8 lines of text (16 characters per line)
Colors:   Tricolor (red, green, and amber)
Character Size:   1.4" tall
Features & Benefits
  • Direct, inform, and entertain clients and guests.

  • Reach people when and where it counts.

  • Select either a floor stand with brochure rack or a wall mount kit.

  • Real-time clock.

  • One-year USA factory warranty.

  • Enter messages with either a handheld remote control (included) or with a computer using the BetaBrite Messaging Software (included).

  • The easy-to-implement solution.

  • Solid oak case.

  • Y2k compatible.


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